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ver 1.0.0.
Leonis © 2002-2003

Концовки игры

Meet The Staff
This is by far the hardest ending to reach. You arrive at it by fighting Lavos before you defeat Yakra at the Cathedral (All you have to do is jump on the right telepod at the beginning of the game. If you don't talk to anyone, Marle will go with you). You'll be treated to an ending with caricatures of the development staff, including Square VP and FF Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, Dragon Quest illustrator and Dragon Ball manga artist Akira Toriyama, and Dragon Quest producer Yuji Horii. There is a second way to get this ending. When you are in Zeal and when you fight Lavos there, beat him. It is really hard, but if you do, you will get to see this cool ending.

Green-Blooded Ancestry
Beat Lavos after defeating Yakra but before returning to Guardia Castle in 1000 A.D. You end up at the Fair. Some people tell Marle she is dressing normally, while others say she is in a costume. When at the Castle, the King says they have just found a 400 year old wedding movie. Frog and Queen Leene (or a descendent) are married, and Marle's father is a frog.

Nu And Ribbit
Use the bucket at the End of Time as soon as you get there. During the credits a Nu and a Ribbit are chasing each other and doing various antics. The Nu keeps falling asleep while the Ribbit is harassing it. "THE END" has two 'Z's above it.

Crono The Dark Mage
Beat Lavos after returning to 600 A.D. for the second time. and before obtaining the Hero Medal. You'll see an ending in which Crono rules as the Wizard King and faces Tata (the heroic little boy). This ending also shows Robo finding a new girlfriend and living happily in the future.

Happily Ever After
Defeat Lavos after obtaining the Hero Medal in 600 A.D. and before the welcoming bash in the prehistoric age. You'll see the heroes and their lives after their quest. You'll get credits interspersed with wierd scenes, including Magus on the Cape from 12000 BC, only it's covered in grass and Ozzie, Slash, and Flea are there; then, it shows a massive army gathering at Guardia Castle; it also shows Frog leaving home unarmed, and Ayla, Kino, and extras fighting Reptites. It also contains brief cameos of Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

Dramatic Staff Credits
Defeat Lavos after the theft of the Gate Key and before the resurrection of the Masamune. You'll get movie style ending credits.

Fixing Robo
You can get this ending if you go to face Lavos immediately after you've given the fully repaired Masamune back to Frog. The ending consists of Crono sleeping during the entire episode while Marle & Frog are working on Robo trying to fix him. Frog says he has things to take care of, stumbles on a book & they all laugh. After this, Frog goes to Magus' castle where you would normally fight him (in that shrine with the guy with 4 arms) and the credits role while you hear Frog and Magus battling. At the end there is a shadow on the top of the flying wolf statue on top of the castle.

Frog vs. Magus
Beat Lavos after giving Frog the Masamune and before beating Magus at his castle. You'll see the ending in which Frog challenges Magus to a duel to avenge his friend's death and bring on his own transformation.

Dino Shores
Take on Lavos after defeating Magus and before fighting Black Tyrano. The opening scene is repeated, except that Chrono and his Mother are Reptites! When you go to the Millennial Fair, everyone there are reptites as well, except for the Green Jogger, who is human. After the credits, Azala is alone on the screen, and "THE END" drops on her.

Magus Ending
Beat Lavos after you defeat Azala at the Tyrano castle. During the credits, you see a scene of Frog approaching a statue with two chests. You also see a number of scenes with Magus, Schala, and Janus.

Beat the game after Schala opens the sealed door in 12,000 B.C. It is the sealed door to where Queen Zeal, Dalton, and Schala are. Do not power up the pendant though, go directly to Leene Square and take the right telepod to get to Lavos. This ending is a slideshow hosted by Marle and Lucca. They will talk about all of the men in the game. This is the only time in the game when Crono speaks.

Magus Vs. Lavos
Beat the game using the bucket at the end of time right after you get Epoch. It shows clips that freeze and turn to gold, showing the lives of Frog and Magus, and some clips of the others. Magus then goes to the Ocean Palace to fight Lavos.

Resurrecting Crono
After Crono's death, finish the game without bringing him back to life. You end up at the End of Time. Everyone is lying on the ground. You can control the characters, and when you talk to Gaspar, he tells everyone that the gate is closing and they have to leave. All the other characters except Lucca and Marle leave to their respective times. Marle arrives at the Fair and walks in the Moonlight Parade by herself. She then sees the team members throughout the fair crowd. When she goes back to the north part of the fair, they are all there. The other characters go back for Crono, and Marle sees her father, who asks her to install the new bell he has made in her honor. She is carried off by the balloons while the credits roll. She lands near a tree like the one on Death Peak, and in the distance you can see Crono coming. Marle runs towards him and the screen fades to black.

Frog And Glenn (w/o Crono)
If you defeat Magus, he tells you that you have released the curse on the Frog. However, during the rest of the game, Frog looks the same. If you use the bucket to beat Lavos right after killing Magus, but without restoring Crono, you end up at the Millennial Fair similar to the ending if you don't fight Magus. However, the only character you see in the middle part of the square is Lucca. When you go into the north part of the fair, the other characters (except for Crono and Magus, of course) come out of the time gate. Except that Frog is now human, and Lucca thinks he is quite a hunk! The other characters go back for Crono, and Lucca & Marle go to see the king hand the bell. Then they leave on Epoch while the king is stuck trying to hang the bell (similar to the "Family Reunion" ending Crono.) If you crashed into Lavos with Epoch, the ending you get is almost the same as the regular "No Crono" ending, except that Magus doesn't appear.

Family Reunion
If you defeat Lavos after restoring Crono, the opening scene of the game is shown, except that it is a soldier waking Crono up, saying he will be executed. The king pretends to be upset, but then praises him for saving the past, present, and future. If you let the Chancellor out of the chest after the "Rainbow Shell" incident, he will be there; otherwise,it will be Pierre, the lawyer. Several characters appear (Doan, King Guardia from 600 AD, & Kino) saying what the team members had done. Marle realizes that these characters are her ancestors and descendants. After the Moonlight Parade at the fair, the characters assemble at the north side of the fair grounds and leave. If you didn't crash Epoch into Lavos, then Crono's cat jumps into the time gate, followed by Crono's mother. If you got extra cats, they all jump in together. Crono, Lucca, and Marle take the Epoch to find them. (Can you avoid this by buying enough cat food? Maybe. Here's a theory: It's easier if you have less cats. Each time you get cat food, its 2oz; every time you fight a major boss, 2 oz are used up. So, right before you plan to defeat Lavos, you need 4 servings of food per cat- Lavos counts as more that one boss.) Meanwhile, the king is stuck trying to hang the Nadia Bell. If you crashed Epoch into Lavos, then the gate closes after the team members leave, and Marle, Lucca, and Crono talk to the King, who shows the Nadia Bell. Marle ends up holding some balloons and starts to float away. Crono jumps on, and the two of them float away while the credits roll. (Note: if you killed Magus, he doesn't appear in this ending, but the rest is pretty much the same. Also, if you didn't get a clone before Crono is killed, talk to the Keeper and he will tell you to go to the fair.)



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