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  © Hudson, 1993

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 866 Кб )

  © Asmik, 1991

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 1377 Кб )

  p>Игроков: 4

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 666 Кб )

  mutliplayer adaptor compatible

Another soccer game?, probably, but this one is not bad at all, of course is not a match for Konami's International Super Star Soccer, but hey!, Super Star Soccer is then king of all soccer games, so we can't compare.

Graphically Elite Soccer is very simple, but it is good enough, the players are very small but their movements are nicely done. That's it, simple but at the same time catchy, sorta.

There isn't any music during the macths aside from the multitude shouting a bit. I think this is good, there is no need of music in a soccer game aside from the menus, the noise of the crowd and the sound of your players running and the ball being hit is enough.

The game is presented in like Nintendo's Super Soccer, using some kind of frontal/overhead view, only that as I have said before everything is smaller. The gameplay is very typical, the only complaint here is that we can't pass automatically.

In terms of options the game does very well, extremely well, we have all the classic modes like World Cup, Practice, versus, etc, we even have leagues. Then we also have the ability to edit our teams, changing the players or even the team's names, we have the opportunity to select our outfits for both matchs at home or away, change their colours, etc. We can select the weather, the length of the match, if we want the goalkeeper to be easy, medium, or hard to beat, the ref's toughness, and a very big etc. In terms of option Elite Soccer is one of the best certainly.

Ok, up to this point this is almost the best soccer simulator right?, right, but we are talking about a Gametek game, so there has to be something wrong around right?, right.
The problem here is the game's speed, which is excessive, sometimes it is really hard to pass the ball or to try to tackle the opponents, sometimes you'll going to fast that you won't have time to think what to do and you'll loose the ball, you won't be able to pass properly, etc. Really, the game is too fast.

Elite Soccer was developed by two of the most infamous game developers of all time, Rage Software (they have developed better known games for the PC) and Gametek, I used to consider Gametek as the absolute worst game company of all time during the Nes and Snes era, next to LJN and Titus, they are responsible for atrocities like American Gladiators (Snes) or Jeopardy...just to mention a few, ugh, creepy right?, you bet, believe me, those are REALLY bad games, damn, I guess it is giving me headache just to remember. Anyway, for that reason I think Elite Soccer is not a bad game at all, it's a bit hard to play but it is also quite entertaining, I remember having played a nice amount of time with my friends a lot of years ago. I guess you can consider this one the worst of the best soccer games for the Snes.

"My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there's any) are because I'm not from an English speaking country, sorry about that."
  © Enix, Produce, 1993

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 785 Кб )

  Well, another import game being reviewed. This time, Elnard from Enix. this is basically one of the best battle graphics I have seen, some pretty good effects too... but thats basically the ONLY thing good. The controls are very hard to learn, and its really pixelated over-view graphics. Plus the gameplay and stuff isn't really good either. I have yet to play through the whole game, but right now I know of 7 characters that you can choose from, with its own weakness and stregths. The sound is almost horrible with its FX like sound, and its encounter-a-monster rate is high. Also, with that bad over-world graphics, the map system used only shows monsters and chests, which is VERY unreliable, since it doens't even point out walls or anything. But basically, this is your average Dungeons and Dragons (tm) type game, it could be fun if you really love these types of games, but too boring for people that likes a good plot, and good graphics. So, if your an avid Super Famicom game collector, or even an Enix game collector, this might be good for you, I really don't recommend blowing 50 bucks at an import store, but is a nice collection to have if you love Enix games like I do ^_^.


In the land of Elnard, the great magician Jeeta gathered 7 pupils together and trained them for five years. As a final test, he sent them out to find the 7 Arks, mystical artifacts imbued with enough power to lead the world into a new era.

In this game, you pick one of Jeeta's pupils and go out to look for the Arks. The thing is that you are competing with the other six heroes to find them at the same time. If you pick a fight with them and lose, they'll take all the Arks you've gathered. On the other hand, you may end up having to fight them if they find an Ark before you can get it. Or, you can team up with another one of the heroes and travel with them. This aspect is what sets this game apart from stock RPGs, and is implemented very well.

The story of this game is nothing to write home about. It's more focused on searching and exploration than creating a developed story, characters, etc. The gameplay more than makes up for it though. Each character you can play is very unique, and has his or her own play style, so there's a lot of replay value. The world is also very large with lots of places to explore and hidden items to find.

One thing to note about this game, however--it's hard! It's balanced in such a way that fights with normal enemies are usually evently matched with your party. A lot of people who have played this game say that it requires an incessant amount of leveling up. This isn't true, however--if you play it right, pick the right partner, and use the right fighting strategy for the heroes you've picked, you'll find you actually will have to do very little fighting for the sake of building experience. I've played through the game several times, and except for the very beginning of the game, played all the way through without level building. (On a side note, I fought virtually every battle and almost never ran) The key to success in Elnard is using a wise battle strategy. Final Fantasy-esque ''Attack, Attack, Heal, Attack'' won't hack it here. This is especially true when you have to fight the other pupils of Jeeta; they gain levels as you do and are balanced so they will always be slightly more than a match for you.

Overall, Elnard is a good, solid RPG. It's not ground-breaking, but it's lots of fun to play and experiment with each of the different characters.

A few final hints: A couple of good character combos are Lux/Valsu, Lejees/Valsu, and Willme/Esuna. And if you fight the one-on-one fights against other pupils with your partner (your main character being dead) you can resurrect your main character during the battle and fight two-on-one. (Not fair, but...^^)

В США эта игра увидела свет как 7th Saga
 Emerald Dragon  
  © Mediaworks, 1991

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 1442 Кб )

  Emerald Dragon, although it's mostly all in Japanese, still provides you with a unique, cute RPG worth several hours of play. It has voice acting, dragon transformations, cool characters, you name it. Not many RPGs around this time had these. Also, it has a totally unique battle system, that is somewhat comparable to the Shining Force series, as well as Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. However, you might not be so enthralled by the story; unless you know Kanji characters pretty well, you won't be able to understand most of the plot. Thankfully, there's many good things that overweigh this drawback.

Gameplay: 8/10

The battle system is one of the most unique out there, even today. You must control your character to move into the enemies to attack them, which means you just can't beat the game by pressing ''A'' all day long. The battles are also fun to watch, as the spells and regular attacks are pretty cool looking. But if you're one of those people who can only stand games with a Final Fantasy-esque battle system, then this game isn't for you. Also, you can turn into one of five different dragons, which makes this game somewhat comparable to the Breath of Fire series.

Unfortunately, there's things that even I dislike- you can only control one character in battle, and only two of your characters can get experience points. I could use some big words to describe these flaws, but I'll just go with ''That really sucks''. But eh, controlling the main character isn't all that bad; besides, he's the only one that can turn into a dragon!

Story: 0-3/10 if you aren't fluent in Kanji, 7/10 if you can.

The main character, a dragon, must return to the real world in order to meet a girl he hasn't seen for 15 years. However, he must first turn into a human before coming to the world. Next, a long series of events happen, which leads the main character and the girl into an adventure they won't soon forget. They must collect the five dragon items to restore peace, much like the eight sacred spot thingies in EarthBound. Along the way, they'll meet a large number of friends that will help them out.

Like in any RPG, you have to go from point A to point B all the way to point Z. However, it's more exciting than just wandering. You'll meet various characters that the game will make you hate, or make you love. Even if you can't read what they're saying, their actions will change your feelings about them.

Thankfully, the two main characters don't hog all of the character development. There's also another pair of lovers, an old man, and many others that get development. However, some seem to get more characterization than others do. Oh well...

Also, the ending is very predictable, and I was very disappointed with it. It was cute, though. The thing I hated most about it is that it doesn't show what happens to a certain couple of people... I won't spoil it for you, but you'll probably be disappointed by it, too.

Play Control: 6/10

In the beginning, the controls will scare you. You won't be able to sleep. Battles will be frustrating, and it'll take a long time to use an item. Don't worry, though- in time, the controls are pieces of a cake.

Battles may look awkward to some, but they're really quite simple; just run into the enemy. You don't have to control anyone but the main character! After a while, you'll smack yourself across your face for not understanding it earlier.

The menu, though, is a different story; even though I've beaten the game, I still can't figure out what two of the options mean. Don't worry, though- you don't need them. Thankfully, some of the options in the menu (Save, load) are in English! Even some of the characters stats (Level, HP, etc.) are in English, too.

Like I've said before, this may take a while to get used to, but you'll eventually master it. This stuff just takes time. Go ahead and have a party once you've figured out how to equip a character with an item.

Challenge: 6/10

Although at first, most of the battles seem easy, there are assuredly some very hard fights, too. The placement of your characters in a battle can determine whether you win or lose, so it's not just a matter of mashing buttons. Well, even if you do mash buttons, you probably will never hit an enemy- you have to walk into an enemy to hit them. However, the dungeons are far, far, far too easy; nearly all of them are straightforward. You could do most of the dungeons blindfolded. However, there is one in particular that will be extremely frustrating to those who can't understand Kanji...

Graphics: 8/10

Nothing spectacular here. However, there are some close up pictures of characters, in a few certain scenes, which look pretty cool. Other than that, everything is stuff you could find in any other SNES game. Spells aren't very flashy, and neither are the character portraits.

Sound: 9/10

Awesome. The music in this game won't bug you, and it won't stick in your head long, either. The music usually brings out the theme of the current area you're in very well. Voice acting is just as good, if not better. And did you know, this is one of the earliest RPGs that has voice acting? I was more than surprised that it did. However, the sounds sometimes sounded fuzzy.

Replayability: 6/10

Like most RPGs, replayability is definitely not the strongest factor. However, if you get tired of those lame turned-based battle systems, you might want to wash it all away with this gem.

Overall: 7/10

I suggest that you only play this game if you're a diehard RPG fan who wants to try something new, even though s/he can't understand most of the dialogue. If you can understand Kanji, then that's great! Either way, you should really give this a test drive. Although it's not the best game ever created, it's still very unique. Once again, get this game somewhere and just try it out, even if you can't read Kanji. Who knows: if enough people complain about the Kanji, then a translation patch might be made...
 EMIT Vol.1 - Toki no Maigo  
  © KOEI, 1995

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2517 Кб )

  cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#0018CE" align="center" width="100%">
  © KOEI, 1995

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2604 Кб )

 EMIT Vol.3 - Watakushi ni Sayonara wo  
  © KOEI, 1995

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2628 Кб )

  © JVC, 1995

Жанр: Спорт, Регби

Игроков: 2

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 614 Кб )

  Emmit Smith football would be usually an average football sim, but only one feature which is ver cool makes this something worth while, pulls it out of the pack and gains it a first down. The graphics look like Madden and the field doesn't look all that great either this game has a few flaws, which don't make it to the super bowl.

Visuals 6.5/10

It looks like Madden and feels like it too. If you remember any of the earlier Maddens like 1992 or 4 then you're looking at nothing different here. The field could have used a lot of work, every field looks like turf and not like grass. There aren't any team logos in the end zones well it didn't have a NFL license so that hampers it even more. Overall the graphics could were nice but could of used some work.

Audio 7.5/10

The sound department fairs better than the graphics. You get all the realistic NFL sound FX which sound great bone crunching hit's a very loud and enthusiastic audience and an announcer all add into the realism. Their really isn't music in this game unless what you hear during the intro and option screens other than that nothing.

Game Play 9.5/10

This game is for 1 or 2 players. There are some downfalls but then there are a few things that really make up for them. First off no NFL license you get the cities but not the team names or logos. No names or numbers on the jersey really hampers things again. It isn't down for the count though, it has a very cool and innovative feature, which is the play editor. You can make up to 64 plays for both offense and defense, which is a huge leap in the right direction. No matter how ridiculous the play may look or sound this definitely is very cool. I had more fun making my own plays then actually playing this game believe it or not. You can make ultimate unstoppable Blitzes, long bombs, where every man runs eligible receiver goes for the pass, play action flee flicker FB pass any thing you like. This really adds to your own personal strategy because if you use your own plays most people won't know how to counter them. The only downfall with your own plays is the A.I. because you made it up yourself about 80 percent of the time the computer will not know what to do especially if you love trick play's but with a friend this is no problem. This in my opinion makes up considerably for the lack of the license, almost all 16-bit NFL games have a license but how many let you make your own plays? None I rest my case, the difficulty with your plays is easy with out them you get a good challenge. All your plays and your season can be saved.

Overall 7.0/10

This game did prove its worth it is up there with the NFL big boys and Emmit Smith doesn't make the touchdown they have to settle for the field goal. The fun factor and replay value are through the roof because of all the fun things you can do with the play maker but once you take that away your looking at a below average Madden clone. Football extremist who had all their great plays on paper can finally do them now thanks to this game. That's a Dy$e Guarantee.
 Energy Breaker  
  © Taito, 1996

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2025 Кб )

  ="3" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#0018CE" align="center" width="100%">
  © Sony, 1994

Жанр: RPG, Паззл

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 625 Кб )

  Simply labeling Equinox (Solstice II) as an action/RPG is very misleading. The game is a puzzle solving platformer first and an action/RPG second. However, with the unique blend of puzzle solving, fighting, and exploration there is plenty in this game to satisfy fans of both genres. Combine this with superb quasi-3D graphics and an interesting unobtrusive soundtrack and you have yourself one game that it would be hard not to recommend.


It is difficult to effectively rate the graphics in this game without taking a few things into perspective. First and foremost, this is an early generation SNES title, and it still looks awesome. From the well drawn hero to the equally goodlooking baddies, the developers did not skimp on the visuals. My one concern in this department is that aside from the game's 8 bosses, there are only 6 different types of enemies you will encounter (although among the different types there are some different colored ones.) And while this isn't really a big deal game wise, I feel as if the developers could have thrown in at least a few more visual treats for the gamer.

Hero and enemies aside, the game's pseudo-3D isometrical perspective puts you in a world that feels very free and expansive. You see the world at a 45° angle, and you move according to this. The 3D feel is great, but the game uses this perspective to try and take advantage of certain optical illusions (and it succeeds very well.) In the end you end up with an SNES game that is actually enhanced almost solely by ingenious graphical design. There are titles which appeared at the end of the SNES's career and still didn't look this good.

SOUND: 10/10

There is nothing wrong with the sound in this game. Period. There is a different musical track for every dungeon which provides an ambience to each of the different settings while at the same time remaining very unobtrusive to gameplay. Sound effects are both fitting and well placed to coincide with different game events. There really isn't any instance in the game that needs different music or sound, and there is nothing that I would change about anything in this category.


At first, trying to control your hero Glendaal seems like a more daunting task than trying to solve the game's numerous puzzles. He can only move in the four cardinal directions (there is no diagonal movement) and these directions are tilted at a 45° angle. However, after just a little bit of actual play you will wonder how the game could be played any differently. Now don't get me wrong, like I said before, the game takes advantage of the perspective to make certain puzzles seem like a control impossibility, but it is all a challenge of gameplay rather than a challenge of shoddy controls.

Who wants some puzzle solving? I hope you do, because that is what you are going to find in this puzzle/action/RPG. You start out with nothing on top of a strange-looking world map. However, once you walk into the nearest smokestack-esque building, you find yourself immersed in a world full of moving blocks, hidden doors, and strange monsters that try to prevent you from completing your objectives. Along the way you will find 8 weapons (all of which are projectile) and 8 spells that aid you in your quest to rescue your father.

The game's 8 dungeons, which feature anywhere from 16 to 106 rooms, are the real meat and potatoes of this title. Nearly every room features a puzzle or set of monsters that need to be defeated. The amazing thing that you will come to recognize is that the puzzles never seem contrived or repetitive. There is a slight to major variation in every one the game's over 300 puzzles. Whether it be pushing a block into the correct position or jumping on a hidden ledge, Equinox will test your mental capacities throughout its duration. However, the game is also very unforgiving. One touch of anything hazardous (spikes, monsters, etc...) will result in your death and cause you the opportunity to play the room over again. The number of times you may try again, though, is gauged by an ever dwindling life meter. This is replenished by items and spells, and there are plenty of both to be found throughout your quest.

As you find keys to unlock doors and further explore each dungeon, you may will probably need every item you can find. A big problem I had with this game was the sheer size of many of the dungeons, and the total lack of map the game provides you with. This will result in a lot of wandering around when you are looking for that needed key or the last of the 12 tokens needed to fight the boss. And, many times, I found myself being killed by puzzles that I had already solved earlier in the dungeon. This one oversight in development can result in a couple hours of mindless wandering if you are not careful.

Not to seem too puzzley though, there is also a heapin' healpin' of action in this title. The game features 8 unique bosses standing in between you and your father. And although you also fight smaller enemies along the way, the boss battles are where the real action can be found. The interesting thing about these fights is that the same rules apply here as in the dungeon. If you get hit once, then the hero is dead and the battle starts over. Did I mention that this is one of the hardest games that I have ever played? By the end of this title you will be a master of jumping and a whiz at action games all around.

STORY: 2/10

The story in this game is virtually non-existent. I have written for you here the story as it appears after viewing the game's intro screen three times over. It took somewhere around 5 full minutes of just sitting there to ascertain this much about the game, so enjoy.

''Since the defeat of Melkoir by the wizard Shadax, Galadonia had been a happy and peaceful kingdom. One day, soon after Shadax had left to tutor Sonia, Galadonia was ravaged by fierce storms. A plague of foul creatures descended and the land was left in chaos... This could only be the work of Sonia...

You take the role of Glendaal the only son of Shadax. Your task is to journey to Sonia's icy fortress and rescue your father from the clutches of the evil witch. Thus bringing peace to the land. As a novice wizard you begin with no magic or weapons. You must learn and find whatever you can get on your quest...''

And that is all you get until you beat the game. The only other story you in the closing sequence, so I hope that this isn't an important game element for you. Don't worry, though, the lack of story doesn't detract from the actual play in the least bit. Besides, who doesn't like solving inane puzzles for no apparent reason other than the furthering of the game?


In the end you have a fantastically fun game with no clear story and tons of puzzles (sound like every game on the NES?) However, if you like action games and enjoy a good puzzle then you will have a blast with Equinox. If you want my advice, though, I recommend playing the game with a map. You will save yourself a lot of anguish later on. Equinox is around 20 hours the first time you play it, but I am sure you could beat it much faster a second time around.

В Японии эта игра увидела свет как Solstice II
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