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 Lakers vs Celtics   
© Electronic Arts, 1990

жанр: Спорт (баскетбол)

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 40%

( 256 Кб )

Пришло время NBA Playoffs, и только лучшие дойдут до финала! Это целая серия командных баскетбольных симуляторов, каждая из игр отвечает за один игровой сезон.

Баскетбол получился стандартным, чем-то он напоминает Double Dribble, но с лучшей графикой и звуком.

Lakers vs. Celtics (1990, features an expanded NBA 1990 tournament schedule and the 1990 All-Star Team)
Bulls vs. Lakers (1991, features an expanded NBA 1991 tournament schedule and the 1991 All-Star Team)
Team USA Basketball (1992) uses the NBA Playoffs game engine - see separate entry for more info
Bulls vs. Blazers (1993, has all 16 1992 NBA playoff teams plus the All Star teams, as well as the signature moves for certain well-known players)
NBA Showdown 94 (1994, one more outing for this aging basketball sim, great sound and gameplay, somewhat better-looking player sprites)
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 Landstalker - The Treasures of King Nole   
Climax, 1993

жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 98%

( 1 371 Кб )

Land Stalker - классика жанра РПГ на Sega Genesis и прародитель еще одной великолепной игры- Beyond Oasis.
Выпущенный в 1993 году он до сих пор выглядит очень привлекательно благодаря хорошей, яркой графике, прекрасной анимации и удивительной музыке.Игра сделана в псевдо 3-D, все бои происходят в реальном времени. По сюжету вы играете роль охотника за сокровищами Nigel'а,который однажды спасает фею, нашедшую знаменитые сокровища короля Nole...
Мир Landstalker'а живет своей жизнью - постоянно происходят сюжетные(или просто забавные) сценки с участием вашего героя, развиты различные миниигры - вариация боулинга,куринные бега,посещение учителя фехтования...Одним словом разработчики создали действительно живой мир(подобное можно увидеть лишь в другой хорошей РПГ- Rings of Power).На мой взгляд,Land Stalker - лучшая игра на Sega Genesis.Обязательно в нее сыграйте.
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 Langrisser Hikari   
© Treco, 1991

жанр: Стратегия

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 80%

( 283 Кб )

Отличная игра,возможно разработчики Shining Force ориентировались на нее при создании своего хита..Хотя различий конечно хватает.Неплохая графика и музыка,продуманный сюжет и проработанная боевая система - качайте без раздумий.
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 Langrisser Hikari II   
© Treco, 1994

жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 60%

( 944 Кб )

Prince Elwin, the son of King Alfador of Baltia, is given care of the legendary sword Warsong in order to battle the forces of the evil Dalsis empire. A highly regarded series of RPGs from a company not noted for such games.

The first is an average-looking and average playing game that in the long run does little more than set the stage for its predecessor. The second is generally considered to be the best strategy-oriented RPG for the plaform with the possible exception of Vixen 357, which uses the same engine. Both have good graphics and decent sound, and
will keep fantasy RPG fans suitably entertained.

The first game was released for the SNES under the title Der Langrisser and in an Английский version for the Genesis under the title Warsong. Because of this, the second game is often called Der Langrisser 2 or Warsong 2. The Английский version changes many of the character names; for example, Prince Elwin becomes Prince Garrett.

Langrisser Hikari (1991, Prince Elwin escapes into the to raise an army after the Dalsis lay seige to his father's castle)
Langrisser Hikari 2 (1994, Prince Elwin and his faithful friend Hein embark upon a quest to find Hein's kidnapped friend Riana)
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 Last Action Hero    
© Bits, Sony Imagesoft, 1993

жанр: Экшн

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 60%

( 326 Кб )

You are Jack Slater, hero at large. Your mission is to save a school that has been taken over by a maniacal terrorist and his army of thugs. Inspired by the underappreciated "Ah-nuld" movie of the same title.

An old-style side-scrolling punchout in the same vein as Altered Beast but with enough differences to avoid being a true Драка game. Great graphics and animation, but poor gameplay and lots of cheap shots. No thanks, I'll pass.
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 Last Battle   
© Toei, Shoei System, 1989

жанр: Драки

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 40%

( 295 Кб )

PREMISE:It is in the days of the nuclear winter, when the lands
are ruled and policed by superhuman heroes with fantastic
fighting skills, one hero must battle his way through
countless foes to rid the land of evil. Based on the
legendary anime series of the same name, which was noted
for its extreme violence.

IMPRESSIONS:Punch and kick your way through the side-scrolling scenes
on your way to one-on-one arena bouts with the various
level bosses. Decent graphics, but weak gameplay. I
can't believe they left in the exploding heads! (Rage

VARIATIONS:Hokouto no Ken 2 (original Japanese title)
Last Battle - Legend of the Final Hero (censored
American version, most of the more violent content
excised - including the aforementioned exploding heads)
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 Lawnmower Man, The     
© Sales Curve, Time Warner Interactive, 1994

жанр: Многоигровка

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 40%

( 389 Кб )

A sinister government agency known only as The Shop has
sponsored a sophisticated experiment involving the use of
virtual reality therapy and mind-altering drugs in an
effort to increase human intelligence. When one of their
test subjects, Jobe the simpleton, shows a particular
adeptness for the treatment, they deliberately overdose
him in an effort to accellerate his progress. The effort
backfires, resulting in a psychotic intelligence that
is capable of existing as pure energy and who both
resides in and manipulates to his own ends the cyber
environment of the world's interlinked computer systems.
Inspired by the feature film starring Pierce Brosnan,
itself loosely based on the original short story by
Stephen King under his Richard Bachman pseudonym.

Mainly a Платформерer, but features lots of 3D subgames.
It's too bad that it's insanely difficult.... (Rage Games)
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 Legend of Galahad, The   
© Psygnosis, Electronic Arts, 1992

жанр: Платформер

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : 30%

( 685 Кб )

Arcade Платформерer inspired by the adventures of Sir
Galahad, one of King Arthur's knights of the Round Table.

Solid control and good special effects for the era, but
the levels are difficult to navigate. The color palette
is drab, and the artwork is hideous. (Rage Games)

Also known as Galahad, Young Galahad, and The Legend of
Galahad. Originally released on the Amiga under the
title of Leander, and advertised as such in several EA
press releases from early in that year.
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Tv-games / Sega Genesis / Игры / L

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