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 Ace wo Nerae!  
  © Telnet, 1994
© RPG One, 2004

Жанр: Sport, Tennis

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 668 Кб )

( 39 Кб )

  PREMISE: This game is derived from the anime TV adaptation of a
well-known shojo manga written in the 1970s by Sumika
Yamamoto, and later transcribed to anime by Osamu Dezaki
and Akio Sugino. It revolves around a young high school
girl named Hiromi and her efforts at becoming a star
tennis player.
IMPRESSIONS: Not bad! The story is believable, and decent enough if
you like shojo stuff. The tennis sim itself is better
than most, although there are superior ones. The authors
packed a lot in here in an effort to remain true to the
source material, and I think they managed to pull it off.

По-другому эта игра называлась Ace Tennis; Aim for the Ace!
  © Square, HAL Laboratory, 1993
© Alcahest Trans Team, 2002

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 746 Кб )

( 85 Кб )

  PREMISE: Allen, our sword-swinging hero, has embarked on a holy
quest to defeat evil. Aiding him are an unlikely assortment of companions - a wizard, a white mage, a cyborg knight, and a draconian shapeshifter. Together, they must recover the four Guardian Blades of earth, air, fire, and water and use their magic to conquer their foes.
IMPRESSIONS: Reminds me a lot of the later Ultima games, but with the emphasis on arcade-style gameplay. Awkward, but decent enough.
 Assault Suits Valken  
  © NCS Corp, 1992
© Aeon Genesis, 1994

Жанр: Platform, Shoot'em Up

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 783 Кб )

( 13 Кб )

  Это мощная стрелялка с участием роботов, интересно, что через год, в 1993 году эта игры была переиздана KONAMI и называлась Cybernator!

PREMISE: In the not-so-distant future, mankind is waging a full scale war with itself over the dwindling resources of Earth and the Moon. Let us take a moment to reflect on the experiences of a Pacific States Marine Corps assault suit pilot, who is an expert with his Valken. He fights not for patriotism or duty - he just wants to be the last man standing when the shooting stops. An excellent space shooter in the Gundam mold.

IMPRESSIONS: I know it's been done before, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done well again. The graphics are detailed and shaded, no enemies are repeated, and the opponent mix is unique and appropriate for each level. The cinemas are unavoidable, but they serve to explain why you are fighting a given level. Your weapons can be improved the farther you play into the game, and there are not a few hidden secrets and surprises. A fun romp.

По-другому эта игра называлась Valken

В США эта игра увидела свет как Cybernator
 Bahamut Lagoon  
  © Square, 1996
© Dejap, 2001

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2052 Кб )

( 290 Кб )

  PREMISE: Enter a world of knights and dragons, of mystery and intrigue, of romance and treachery. Breed and rear your dragons to their utmost potential, then loose them in battle against rival factions. Power and strength are important, but cunning and strategy are necessary to win. Cleverly manage your resouces, and victory will be yours!
IMPRESSIONS: A brilliant RPG by Square. Movement is handled ala Shining Force, but any hand-to-hand combat takes place in a Final Fantasy style battle sequence. The art is reminescent of Final Fantasy 3, and the special effects are phenomenal. Not as deep as Tactics Ogre, but every bit as enjoyable. Worthy of import.

VARIATIONS: This appears to be based on a title originally written for the G/MD called Bahamut Bahant Senki.
 Ball Bullet Gun: A Survival Simulation  
  © BeTop, SFC Soft, I'MAX, 1995
© Aeon Genesis, 2004

Жанр: Strategy, Shoot'em Up

Игроков: 2

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 627 Кб )

( 11 Кб )

  PREMISE: A computerized paintball style game in which you build
up a SWAT team of eight individuals and send them on forays against enemy teams - but with live ammo, not paintballs.

IMPRESSIONS: Not enough action for the arcade types, but a great
little game none the less. Imagine taking Cannon Fodder and making it a pure strategy game while retaining the excellent graphics and sound - in this case following the best Japanese style.

По-другому эта игра называлась BB Gun: Survival Game Simulation
 Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai-shin  
  © Angel, 1995
© Dejap, 2000

Жанр: Fighting

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 601 Кб )

( 13 Кб )

  PREMISE: Based on the anime OAV about a 400-year old master sorcerer/fighter named Darshu (Dark Schneider in some translations) who is reluctantly drafted as a "good guy" in the battle against the powerful disciples of the imprisoned dark mage Anthrax. Originally created by Kazushi Hagiwara in 1992 - and yes, almost all the names used in the show are taken from popular "heavy metal" rock bands from the era.
IMPRESSIONS: A strange but fairly entertaining title that seems to be a cross between the fighting and RPG genres.

По-другому эта игра называлась Bastard! The Destructive God of Darkness
 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story  
  © Angel, 1995
© BST, 1999

Жанр: RPG, Manga

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2211 Кб )

( 360 Кб )

  Explore Tokyo, and help all 10 scouts work together to defeat the bad guys. This is an independent story that takes place after the S season. Click here for the FAQ(including walk-through and cheatcodes) for Sailor Moon Another Story.

Sailor Moon Another Story RPG (SMRPG) is a video game for the SNES that was released only in Japan. While it's not up to the RPG standards of something like FF3, it remains a game that fans of the anime series have generally enjoyed. Especially considering that all the other Sailor Moon games out there are in the fighter or puzzle category.

Unfortunately, since the game was only released in Japan, you either have to import it or play it via an emulator and ROM. Playing it via emulator does have one distinct advantage...it's possible to edit the ROM and translate it from Japanese to English, so that the game may be enjoyed by english audiences. Doing so takes a large amount of time, skill and effort, not to mention someone willing to translate the scripts for you.

Since I'm familiar with assembler and programming in general, I decided to offer my skills to the group trying to undertake this massive effort : Bishoujo Senshi Translations. I handled all the ROM and ASM modifications, while Moose (who was later joined by Lina`chan) took care of translating the Japanese script. It took about a year to complete, but I daresay we've done a rather impressive job. ^^

I made and collected a fair amount of materials and programs for the game during the project, some of which I've uploaded here for people to play around with if they want.
 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R  
  © Bandai, 1993
© FuSoYa's Niche, 2002

Жанр: Beat'm Up, Manga

Игроков: 2

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 1550 Кб )

( 32 Кб )

  Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG for the Super Famicon
was made by Angel and released in Japan around 1995. It was one of
many console games developed for the SNES and gameboy during that
time period based on the popular Manga and Anime show, "Sailor Moon".
The majority of these games tend to be puzzle games, fighter games,
and so forth. SMRPG is distinctive however, in that it currently
remains the only console Sailor Moon game in the RPG category to have
been developed and released commercially.

Unfortunately, none of these Sailor Moon games, including the RPG,
ever saw a commercial North American release. And given the fact
that the 16 bit era of gaming is fast becoming nothing more than a
distant memory in the wake of yet a second wave of next generation
systems, it's doubtful that they ever will.

This left only the fan and emulation community. In 1997, Cecil began
the initial effort of trying to bring about a translation patch of the
game, and Bishoujo Senshi Translations (BST) was born. He was soon
joined by several others interested in the same goal (translator
Moose among them), and it wasn't long till a script dump was obtained
with Artemio's help, allowing the translation to get underway.

But as is often the case with SNES RPG projects, the ROM would not
give up all its secrets so easily. The menu fonts, along with much
of the menu text itself, were compressed beyond recognition. Also
the game code was designed only for a 16x16 fixed width font for the
main story text, making english text look rather large and unsightly.

The absence of progress on the ROM modifications combined with
the lack of time by several key people gradually caused BST to become
nearly comatose. Just about everyone in the initial group slowly
dropped out of sight. As 1998 wore on, a few other small attempts
were made by separate projects that tried to create their own SMRPG
translation patches. But they eventually failed as well.....

Sometime during the summer of 1998, FuSoYa appeared for the first
time and contacted Cecil with information dealing with the ROM's
compression scheme. In turn, Cecil got back in contact with Moose.
Within a few months, they would form the core of the restarted
attempt to make the SMRPG translation a reality. Cecil continued to
handle the webpage, while Moose diligently translated material and
FuSoYa took over the ROM modifications by starting the patch over
from scratch. By the Christmas of '98, the compression had been
long defeated, the menus modified, the ROM expanded, a newly created
VWF ASM code modification implemented, and the translation was on
its way.

The work continued on well into 1999. FuSoYa continued to refine the
patch, creating tools to add in translated signs, intro credits, etc,
as Moose finished the lists and kept working away at the scripts.
In July, Lina`chan (who had recently finished with SD3) joined Moose
in translating the last of the Japanese material. With the two's
combined efforts, the translation was quickly completed in August,
and testing by Kisai went underway.

And on Mercury's birthday of September 10th, 1999...the finished SNES
SMRPG translation patch was released to the public.
 BS Radical Dreamers  
  © Squaresoft, 1996
© Demiforce Homepage, 2003

Жанр: RPG, Adventure

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 1021 Кб )

( 269 Кб )

  Невероятное продолжение Chrono Trigger'a!!! Эта игра сделана в таком редком жанре исполнения, что для него не придумали отдельного названия. Что-то вроде текстовой РПГ. Очень рекомендую всем, особенно тем, кто ещё не испортил своё зрение.

По-другому эта игра называлась Radical Dreamers
 Cyber Knight  
  © Tonkin House, SNE, 1992
© Aeon Genesis, 2001

Жанр: RPG

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 603 Кб )

( 40 Кб )

  PREMISE: The tale of a group of refugees fleeing a totalitarian society and the efforts by their opressors to track them down. Ported from the PC Engine original.

IMPRESSIONS: Pretty decent, once you wade past the overly long no-you- can't-skip-past-this-it's-too-important intro. By that time, anybody who can't read Japanese will have already yanked the cart and plugged in something else.

VARIATIONS: Cyber Knight - 1992
Cyber Knight 2 - 1994
 Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen  
  © BANPRESTO, 1995
© Fraka & Max, 1999

Жанр: Стратегия

Игроков: 1

Р е й т и н г : --%

( 2231 Кб )

( 11 Кб ) - 75%

  Super Robot War EX?
Super Robot Wars Shooter?
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