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ver 1.0.0.
Leonis © 2002-2003


Это устройство подключалось к приставке и позволяло вводить читы для игры. У меня ни один код не работал, может они сделаны для другой версии игры?

1438-7765 - НЕПОБЕДИМОСТЬ Все враги погибают когда атакуют или когда вы атакуете их.

39B0-EFA4 - Прохождение через стены. (Где это возможно) Испоьлзуйте этот код для уклонения от врагов и прохождение через Запечатанные Двери. Так же можно пропустить половину игры, пройдя сразу в Купол Хранителя и взяв Эпоху раньше, чем Робо присоединится к вам!.

3CB5-5FD3 - Серебрянный маятник в заставке.

DCCB-57FE - Странная музыка и звуковые эффекты.

00C0-57FE - Ещё более странная музыка и звуковые эффекты.

0082-E707 - Гонки на Байках прямо в заставке.

4282-E707 - Графика искажения Времени в заставке.

333B-EF00 - Пропуск данных после битвы.

F76E-5F00 - Персонажи автоматически убегают, когда вы начинаете битву. Убежать можно даже от Боссов! Плохо то, что этот код работает только если вы начинаете новую игру.

7F67-5DD0- Play Dead. Go into battle with the GG turned on. Notice that the HP numbers of your characters will be messed up and the game will act like it froze. Now turn the GG off and your party members will fall down as if they had died. The enemies will disappear and your characters will get back up. Then the game will continue as if you had beat the monsters. Works on bosses also! This code seems to work better then the one above.

EE34-5D60- Attacks do more damage in battle. However, it doesn't increase damage when using magical attacks.

22B4-546B- Get the losing Ending! Leave GG off until you enter a building in Truce 1000 AD. Turn GG on and leave building. You will get the "Map" screen. Turn GG off again and watch the losing ending.

3BC4-7765- Fleeing Enemies. Enemies will try to run away from you in battle. This will not work on stationary monsters and Bosses!!! Some monsters will start to fight you if you attack while they are trying to run away. Some monsters will glitch the game.

B323-7765- Invincibility. This will make you and the enemies INVINCIBLE in battles.

B623-7765- 9999 points Damage. This works for both you and the monsters!!!! Beware.

B625-7765 "Evade Increases. his code makes it really hard to "attack" monsters and vice-versa. The chances are 1 to 10 of getting hit!! This does not work on "techs" though.

EEE3-7765- Decreasing Damage. For the first few rounds of battle the damage that is dealt to you increasingly goes down. (for instance I was fighting a Laser Guard outside The Black Omen and it zapped Crono, first it did 109 damage then 100 then 75 and so on) then in the later part of the battle it seemed as if the code quit on me and the damage taken started rising again. I`m trying to get it to perfection so that the damage eventually hits 0.

22EC-ED60- Gain all techs after one battle.(Get ready to tape the A-button down!)

A523-7765- Assorted damage. Sometimes you take 0, sometimes you take normal amounts, Ignore the disappearing characters.

Notes: If the first code doesn't work, try the second one.

Infinite M.P. Frog



Infinite M.P. Marle

Infinite M.P. Crono

Infinite M.P. Magus

Infinite M.P. Lucca

Infinite M.P. Ayla

Infinite M.P. Robo

EE6F-D767- Pendulum screen never ends!

EE23-7765- Enemies can barely hurt you. Enemies can do no damage, Critical Attacks do no do no damage, and everything else does 1 damage.

2223-7765- Erases 2nd Save game and All are invincible. May produce different results.

EEC4-7DD5- Enemies won't hit you unless they are very close.

9DA6-7765 - 1ST Character infinite M.P.

9DAB-7765- 2ND Character infinite M.P.

9DA8-77D5- 3RD Character infinite M.P.

EE23-7765- Enemies do little damage

6623-7765- Immune to most magic and attacks

DCCB-57FE- Weird new music and FX

A1EE-EFD9- Get Level 99! Get your Turbo controllers ready!

AA34-7765- Get zero damage!

B424-7765- INVINCIBILITY 1 -It will make you invisible but if a monster can throw you then you might get stuck

1438-7765- INVINCIBILITY 2 -It will make you invincible and if if a monster hits you they die!!

EEDD-7F5D- Start with a higher max. HP

63DD-745D- Start with a higher max MP

BDDD-74ED- Start with max power

BDDD-777D- Start with max stamina

9DAB-7765 Infinite MP Lucca

3BC4-7765 Fleeing Enemies -This will make most moving monsters in battle try to run try to run away from you during battle. This code will not work on stationary monsters and bosses. Some monsters will still fight you if you attack them while they're to run away. Some monsters will glitch the game, like Winged Apes.

B323-7765 Invincibility -This will make you and your enemies invincible in battles.

-B322-7765 -It makes damages increase.

B625-7765 Evade Increases -This code increases the Evade rating for everyone. The chances of getting hit is 1 in 10! This does not affect Techs though.

39B0-EFA4 Walk through walls -Walk through walls almost anywhere on the screen. May not work in some areas.-You can skip half the game by going straight through to the Keeper's Dome and getting the Epoch before getting Robo!

3CB5-5FD3 Silver Pendulum at the title screen.

DEC0-5767 Moving characters act strange -The movement of some characters are strange, may cause glitches.

DCCB-57FE Strange Music and Sound FX

00C0-57FE More strange music and Sound FX

0082-E707 Play Jet-Bike race at the title screen

FF34-5F0D Less characters in battle (Some disappear)

4282-E707 Time warp graphics at the title screen

5DE6-ED67 Earthquakes!

333B-EF00 Skips Exp. and GP screen after battles

F76E-5F00 Characters automatically run away-Characters automatically run away from battle. You can even run away from bosses. One negative thing is that it only seems to work if you start a new game or new game +.

7F67-5DD0 Beat monsters (Even bosses)

EE34-5D60 Attacks do more damage in battle -Doesn't increase magical attack damage.

A06E-7D07 Save game on Level 0 -Save a game on level 0. Instead of getting the normal saved game screen, you will get one from the menu. Choose a slot and save. Reset the game without the code. Use the New Game + on that save and Crono will start out with 0 of almost everything.

22B4-546B Get the bad ending Leave the GG off until you enter a building at Truce 1000 A.D. Turn on the GG and leave the building. You will get the map screen. Turn off the GG and get the bad ending.

44E4-5F0D Strange FX Saved game screen, controls, and battles all messed up.

3B65-54D8 Invisible characters in the Map Screen

DE6F-776B Major glitches on the Map Screen

4444-54D8 Yellow text on Map

22EC-ED60 Gain all techs after one battle -After a battle, it says you get a lot of Exp. What you really get is all your techs.

44E2-5F0D Does strange stuff, especially during battle



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