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ver 1.0.0.
Leonis © 2002-2003

Магия монстров

Иногда в битве монстры используют магию, которая наносит вам определённый урон.

Становится трудно поразить врага, так как персонаж почти ничего не видит.
Тут всё просто - вы сходите с ума и можете атаковать своих же союзников
Вы не можете использовать Технику
Медленно уменьшается ваша жизнь и наносимый вами урон
Вы засыпаете. Вы не можете сражаться и ваша зажита снижается. Проснуться можно после хорошего удара.
Уменьшается скорость персонажа, он реже наноит удары.
Вы ничего не можете делать, пока кто-то из команды не вылечит вас.
Сброс жизней
Как бы это по-русски... Жизнь постоянно и сильно уменьшается.

Вражеские атаки

Этот список пока не полный, так что если есть что добавить - пишите.

Название Испоьлзуется Описание Эффект
[Music Notes] Cybot The spotlight comes on, and Cybot sings you a song. Confuses all characters.
10,000 Hz Scouter Rings of sound surround! Puts 1 character to sleep.
Absorb Flyclops Balls of energy sneak away MP. Absorbs (about) 10% of a characters max MP.
Active Life Lavos Core (right bit) When you think you will win, the tables will turn, enemies can come back, a lesson you must learn. Revives any dead bits.
Amplifire Bit/Guardian Pink ray of light (to Guardian's delight). Shadow damage to 1 character.
Area Bomb Atropos XR Atropos explodes, and Robo's HP erodes. Fire damage to 1 character.
Arm Attack Giga Gaia (right hand) You'll be grabbed by the hand, and your body will be slammed. Cuts 1 character's HP in half.
Azala Break Azala The ground will surely quake, with Azala's famed Azala Break. Physical damage and causes HP to steadily drop for all characters.
Bad Impulse Flea Plus (with Great Ozzie and Super Slash) Slash will jump off Ozzie's head, and deliver a fire attack that you'll dread. Fire damage to 1 character.
Barrier Change Magus Magus will change his weakness, it's true, so you'll have to change your attack too. Magus changes his weakness to the same element as his last magic attack.
Blacken Mega Mutant When this black ball hits you, damage will soon ensue. Physical damage to 1 character.
Blizzard Man-Eater, Yakra XIII, Lavos Spawn (Death Peak) When you're hit by this cloud of smoke, you'll be confused, and that's no joke. Physical damage and confuse to 1 character.
Brother Conversion Jinn Jinn sacrifices himself, to give Barghest health. Kills himself and heals Barghest.
Buuurp... Dalton, Golem This disgusting attack will pass, when the caster dies and the room fills with gas. Magic damage to all characters (cast right before death).
Chaotic Zone Mega Mutant, Terra Mutant, Lavos The "electricity" is only a ruse, because it's not elemental, only makes you confused. Magic damage and confusion to all characters.
Continuous Tech Gargoyle A vicious barrage of punching and kicks, is followed by one last painful hit. Reduces 1 character's HP to 1.
Copycat Skill Golem Imitation's the best form of flattery it is, whatever attack you use, the Golem will make his. Golem attacks using attacks of the same nature as the last attack that hit it.
Crimson Rain Hench(2), Bantam Imp, Red Scout, Macabre, Metal Mute Above you will form, a cloud full of blood, that will soon drip on you-it's pain from above. Magic damage and causes your HP to gradually drop to 1 character.
Crying Heavens Lavos Core (body) Up from the heavens, up in the sky, lightning so vicious, it'll make you wanna cry. Lightning damage to 1 character.
Cyclone Heckran Below at your feet, a whirlpool will form, and cause you great pain, which you'll surely mourne. Water damage to all characters.
Dark Bomb Lavos Spawn (Black Omen) Targetting you, a shadow bomb will burst, the same attack that Magus learns first. Shadow damage to 1 character.
Dark Gear Zeal(2) Two triangles of darkness, will come together and form, a shadow explosion, a deadly magic storm. Shadow damage to all characters.
Dark Matter Magus Magus's favorite, there isn't any other, one triangle of shadow, inside another. Shadow damage to all characters.
Dark Plasma Giga Gaia The two hands will bridge, magic of shadow, that will explode and cause pain that's very bad (oh!). Shadow damage to all characters.
Dbl. Handblaster Giga Gaia From each hand will come, great thermal heat, for tremendous fire damage that cannot be beat. Fire damage to all characters.
Delta Attack Guardian (with the bits) This counterattack occurs in the battle, a triangle of magic, a triangle of shadow. Shadow damage to all characters.
Delta Force Scouter (with Red Scout and Blue Scout), Flea Plus (with Great Ozzie and Super Slash) Lightning, water and fire combine, to form shadow magic sublime (as you no doubt learned in chemistry...). Shadow damage to all characters.
Destruction Rains from the Heavens Lavos You don't remember? Well that's okay, but this is the attack from Apocalypse Day. Physical damage to all characters.
Destruction Zone Sorcerer, Barghest, Lavos Spawn (Black Omen) A portal will open, and rocks will fly, damaging your party, the girls AND the guys. Shadow damage to all characters.
Ding-a-Ling Avian Chaos, Bellbird This chime's no fun, you'll wish it hadn't rang, after the bird's done. Confuses 1 character.
Dreamless Lavos Core (body) The pyramid of pain, the triangle of magic, the ultimate spell (too bad you can't have it...). Magic damage to all characters.
Evil Emanation Lavos (Inner body) Although you can't see, this is definately there, it'll raise its attack, good way to prepare. Raises caster's attack power.
Evil Star Lavos Core (body) From another dimension will come a red sun, it'll start going crazy, damaging you a ton. Cuts all characters' HP in half.
Flame Battle Lavos (Inner Body) Not that impressive, just a fireball, nothing too great, not much at all. Fire damage to 1 character.
Flare Son of Sun You know this attack, it's Lucca's fav, the damage is great, the damage is rave. Fire damage to all characters.
Freeze Lavos (Inner body's arms) If you're not protected, this'll give you a scare, it'll stop you in your tracks, it's just not fair! Physical damage and stops 1 character.
Gaia Magnade Giga Gaia Fire and rocks'll be flyin', it'll hurt a lot (I ain't lyin'). Fire damage to all characters.
Geyser Magus Souls will fly up and scare you, but about the long-term damage...nothing can prepare you... Magic damage and causes HP to gradually drop for all characters.
Grand Stone Lavos Core (body) Holy cow! It'll hit you with a rock so big, to find that rock, where would you have to dig? Physical damage to all characters.
Grudge Sentry Scary ghosts circle the most. Magic damage to 1 character.
Hallation Zeal(1), Zeal(2) A ring of rainbows will hit you all, reducing your HP to hardly anything at all. Reduces everybody's HP to 1.
Hear ye, Hear ye Goon Attention everyone, Goon's gonna speak, Ah, hell with that, he'll just hit you (that freak!). Physical damage to 1 character.
Hexagon Mist Zeal (2) From two triangles forms David's Star, and will hit you with the force of a car. Water damage to all characters.
Hurricane Goon A tornado will form, and fling you high, you'll land on the ground after touching the sky. Magic damage to 1 character.
Invading Light Lavos Core (body) Three pillars of light, will hurt you tonight. Magic damage and slow to all characters.
Iron Orb Dalton, Dalton Plus, Golem From up in the sky, an iron ball will drop, causing damage that you just can't stop. Halves 1 character's HP.
Laser Beams Lavos (Inner Body) Doors of Doom open, and lasers shoot out, just cuz it hurts is no reason to shout! Magic damage to all characters.
Lavos Spawn Needle Lavos Spawn The shell will get mad, a drill will be shot, hitting 1 character, damaging a lot. Physical damage to 1 character.
Lavos Spawn Needle: Disorder Lavos Spawn (Black Omen) Just like Lavos Spawn Needle, but it's worse you see, it won't just shoot one needle, it'll shoot three! Physical damage to all characters.
Lavos's Sigh Lavos Spawn (Death Peak) What is so sad? Guess we'll never know, but if you're hit by this, it's to the bed you'll go. Magic damage and sleep to 1 character.
Life Shaver Giga Mutant, Terra Mutant, Zeal (right hand) A deadly combination, I must say, and when it's all over, the ground's where you'll lay. Reduces 1 character's HP to 1.
Lock Mage, Mohavor, Incognito An X will appear, and you'll forget, how to use your magic, how to use it. Absorbs (about) 10% of a characters max MP.
Lock All Rubble, Turret, Boss Orb When this is cast, magic and items can't be used, but at least you know this battle probably won't be losed. Prevents all charactrs from using magic or items.
Mutant Gas (1) Mega Mutant, Giga Mutant Some poisonous smog will appear, and cause your party much great fear. Phyical damage and poison to all characters.
Mutant Gas (2) Mega Mutant, Giga Mutant Some blue will appear, your eyes will get heavy, you'll fall asleep, I just hope that you're ready. Magic damage and sleep to 1 character.
MP Buster Zombor, Flea?, Sentry, Zeal (Left hand) This attack's pretty cheap, that I must say, It'll steal all your MP...oooh, you're gonna pay! Absorbs all a character's MP.
Naga-ette's [hearts] Naga-ette Check this out, I think she's in love, but upon her you'll wish death from above. Physical damage and slow to 1 character.
Needle Spin Yakra, Yakra XIII From off its back will come a drill, needling its way to you with great skill. Physical damage to 1 character.
Obstacle Lavos (Inner Body) A gaping hole will open, chaos will occur, it's equal opportunity, to a him and a her. Magic damage and confuse to all characters.
Opposite Magic Attack Dalton Plus Oh that Dalton, he's one smart fella, he'll counterattack with the opposite spell-a. Counterattacks with opposite magic spell (Fire-Water, Lightning-Shadow).
Point Flare Mammon Machine A miniature version of Lucca's Flare, so look at it closely, and remember: don't stare. Fire damage to 1 character.
Prism Beam Flea, Flea Plus (2) A rainbow will come, and damage you some. Magic damage and Blind to all characters.
Protective Seal Lavos (Inner body arms), Lavos Core (left bit) You like being immune to every status ailment? Well after this attack, you'll be prone to the status assailment. Magic damage and removes status protection to 1 character.
Psychokinesis Azala This comes from the roots meaning "move with your mind", you'll be picked, spun around and thrown on your behind. Physical damage to 1 character.
Rainbow Storm Flea, Flea Plus (2) Those clouds don't look good, those clouds look gritty, all this despite the fact that they're pretty. Magic damage and poison to all characters.
Reprogramming Mother Brain The clouds of smoke hit, then where are you? You're somewhere you know, you're somewhere confused. Physical damage and confuse to 1 character.
Roulette Shuffle Son of Sun Which one is which? The flames spun around. Now you don't know which one to pound. Hides the real Flame.
Salt Spekkio(6) I don't know, maybe he's gone insane, to heal his opponent...what a lame brain. Refills 1 character's HP.
Sand Breath Mohavor, Retinite All of this sand will get in your eyes, rendering you blind, cutting you down to size. Blinds 1 character.
Sand Cyclone Mohavor, Retinite Looks like a whirlpool, but it's in the sand, but it'll still give you that pain that you just can't stand. Magic damage to 1 character.
Shadow Doom Blaze Lavos (Inner body) Ack this attack looks very mean, so just look away, try to avoid this scene. Magic damage to all characters.
Shadow Slay Lavos (Inner body) The clouds will roll by, leaving their venom, sorry jean lovers, no protection from denim. Physical damage and poison to all characters.
Shining Bit Metal Mute, Giga Mutant The balls of will take place of the bolt, and this'll be lightning damage, you dolt. Lightning damage to 1 character.
Sky Gate Zeal (2) Lighting will circle around one of your guys, and yes this lighting comes from the skies. Lightning damage to 1 character.
Span Death Lavos (Inner body hand) Just when you thought you've injured him some, the hand will heal, ruining your fun. Restores about 1550 HP to the Main body.
Spell Lavos Core (body) I hope that Lavos doesn't get a record deal, because listening to his music could cause you to kill. Magic damage and random status effect on all characters.
Steel Steam Mega Mutant, Giga Mutant Although no initial damage will ensue, the damage will be felt, and that, my friends, is true. Causes HP to be steadily lowered.
Teleportation Azala Hey, you where'd that rock come from? I don't know, but it's about to fall on you, dum-dum. Physical damage to 1 character.
The Drop Goon You'll fly to the sky, and fall on your ass, and this will cause your HP to fall really fast. Cuts 1 character's HP in half.
The Stare Flea Hey Crono, I think you're loved by a guy, Flea causes Crono to hurt his friends, but why? Physical damage to all characters.
Time Stop Synchrite Time will stop, and so will you, but not if you're wearing the Time Hat, you foo'. Magic damage and Stop to 1 character.
Time Warp... Lavos Core (body) Not much of an attack, but yes it's still here, the background will change, is that what you fear? Changes background.
Waltz of the Wind Flea Do you want to dance with this chick? Oh yeah, it's a guy not a girl, a flea not a tick. Confuses 1 character.
Water Rise Giga Gaia (left hand), Lavos Spawn (black omen) The water will rise, and that's not all, if it did it all backwards, it'd be a waterfall. Water damage to 1 character.
Water Wave Heckran Be careful you knave, it's a huge tidal wave! Water damage to all characters.
Wing Blow Lizardactyl, Goon The enemy'll confuse, to try to make you lose. Physical damage and Confuses 1 character.
Yes Indeed! Heckran, Slash The enemy will go loco and hit you, oh no! Physical damage to 1 character.



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